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Little Forms is an open source minimalistic GUI widget library written in plain C.

Bad Sector 745d8d0abd Small layout fixes 4 months ago
demo 34d129852b 1. Added choice (ff_choice, etc) widget which can be used to show a popup menu with several items to choose from (aka combo box, selector, popup menu in mac, etc). 6 months ago
examples 2bad6bc555 Made the clock automatically size its window using packing and a more generous border 6 months ago
icons 13bf632566 Fixed ff_disc in x11 backend to fully cover the passed bounds. 1 year ago
include 813979b81e Added ff_tabstrip widget which can be used to show a series of tabs for the user to select from. The tabstrip widget does not provide any widget controlling functionality itself since it can be used for other reasons than just grouping wwidgets (e.g. a tabbed text editor). A future widget will provide this and work with tabstrip. 6 months ago
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Little Forms

Little Forms (lforms) is a minimalistic GUI toolkit library written in C.
The toolkit draws its own controls and tries to be as minimally dependent on
the native window system as possible.

Currently there isn't much to see and the toolkit is far from usable. At
the moment only X11 and Windows backends are supported but at some point a
Cocoa backend will also be added. This is a low priority project of mine so
don't expect frequent updates (i just added the Win32 backend and the last
time i touched the code before that was at January 2011).

Kostas "Bad Sector" Michalopoulos