Runtime Legend
Tools and Tech


Runtime World - 3D world editor (free and paid versions)
Runtime Mapas - 2D tilemap editor (opensource)


LIL - highly dynamic interpreted language in a pair of .c/.h files (opensource, c)
FPLIL - LIL implementation in FreePascal (opensource, freepascal)
Flash MOD Player - Amiga MOD player for Flash 9 and later (opensource, haxe)
SOB, The SWF Obfuscator - SWF obfuscator (opensource, c)
Alithia Engine - minimalistic 3D engine (opensource, c)
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You can find some other of my projects (some game related) in the repositories. Also some other stuff is in my GitHub profile (note, however, that i migrate -very slowly- away from GitHub in favour of Fossil).
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