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The tabstrip example under Windows 10. Note that the text antialiasing has been disabled for this screenshot to avoid artifacts from subpixel coloring in different monitors (the title bar ignores antialiasing settings). ClearType text rendering works fine with Little Forms, just like any other Windows program.


The tabstrip example, showing the tabstrip widget. Tabstrip is a widget that is assumed to be placed at the top of a container (using, e.g. the border layout with the border-align property set to top) and provide the user the ability to select one tab out of a predefined selection. In this example, the tabstrip is set up with four tabs and a label at the center of the window is updated each time the user selects a tab via click on it or using the mouse wheel.


The scrollbar example, which shows a horizontal and a vertical scrollbar aligned using the border layout with a horizontal-out arrangement. The horizontal scrollbar has a custom page size whereas the vertical scrollbar uses its height as the page size.


The list example, showing the list box widget which can be used to select one or more items out of a long list.


The choice example, showing the popup choice box widget which can be used to select a single item out of a list.


The widget demo at Saturday, June 30, 2012 with OpenGL support and window packing just added in the X11 backend. The different background colors show the widget boundaries (widgets can have padding, margins and some layout managers support spacing between widgets). Demo directory

The widget demo running under Lubuntu X11 using Xft font rendering (subpixel colors are grayed in the screenshot)

Demo directory

The hello example running under Mac OS X Lion's X11 server.


The widget demo running under Windows 8 Release Preview (subpixel colors are grayed in the screenshot)

Demo directory